Better Vim

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Say goodbye to spending days setting up Neovim

Better Vim is a Neovim distribution featuring lots of slick defaults and an outstanding UI.

Enough with the step-by-step guides and endless Stack Overflow searches. Run a single command and let the script do the rest for you. Be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Take your code editing performance to the next level!

Better Vim is not only fast to install, it also includes a full set of plugins and configurations to make your life easier and unlock super powers for your code editing skills.

Customize to make it yours

Override plugins, options and themes the way you want.

Whether you are setting up a new computer or running a fresh install after your dev environment became a total mess, Better Vim is perfect for you.

Want the powers of Vim and the convenience of VS Code? Neovim + Better Vim is the right editor for you.

Run one command and you get:

  • Tabs
  • File explorer
  • Beautiful and minimalist status line
  • File finder
  • Mouse support by default
  • Intuitive shortcuts like ctrl + s, ctrl + p, ctrl + f and more
  • 9 Themes
  • First-Class support for JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Support for many languages and formatters via Mason and null-ls
  • Custom configs using lua
  • Custom and beautiful dashboard
  • Shortcuts completion
  • Custom snippets + Common snippets

Better Vim is available for MacOS (Intel and Apple Silicon), Ubuntu, Arch, Fedora and Windows (WSL2).

And the best part: you get the chance to support a group of indie developers!


Does this product help me to learn how to use Vim/Neovim?

  • Short answer is no. Long answer is that Better Vim defaults can make your learning process less steep.

What's included?

  • The script and the instructions on how to use it. Better Vim is just a setup script with less than 20kb, everything is installed through the web, via package managers and official repositories.

Where to get help?

How to get a refund?

  • We have a seven days refund policy, so you have seven days after your purchase to file for a full refund, no questions asked, although we, as indie developers, would appreciate a feedback. Just drop us a message at

What happens to my current Neovim setup?

  • We recommend you to do a full backup of your current Neovim setup, since some settings can be updated during installation.

Is it possible to add my own settings to Better Vim

  • Yes. Better Vim setup can be customized, from theme to defaults.

Can I use this setup on a different code editor?

  • No. Better Vim was built exclusively for Neovim.

Does this package includes TMUX and Terminal defaults?

  • No. But there are plans for an extended version for the near future, probably as a deluxe/premium version of Better Vim.

Are there any pre-requisites to use Better Vim?

  • Yes. For MacOS you'll need homebrew, git and unzip. For Linux you'll need git, unzip and the distribution package manager.

Which Linux distros are really supported?

  • The distributions supported are Ubuntu, Arch (and Arch-based), Fedora and Windows with WSL2.

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Better Vim
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MacOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch (and Arch-based) and Windows (WSL2)


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Better Vim

18 ratings
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